The covers are used to protect the conveyed materials and to avoid the dispersion of powders.

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In the project design of a belt conveyor, after having defined the components of primary importance, it is important to consider other accessories such as covers for the conveyor.

The necessity to protect belt conveyors may arise from the weather, from the volatile characteristics of the conveyed material, or from the type of works plant, and also from European norms that require the covering
of the total length of a belt conveyor in the open.

For example rain may create a problem of belt slip on the drums causing a tracking problem.

Extreme temperatures may cause the plant to mal-function or stop, whilst very strong wind may move the conveyor belt off its natural position causing serious problems to the business or loss of conveyed material.

Covers series CPTA in steel

  • Half circle with straight side
  • Half circle without straight side
  • 45° inspection door
  • Dual full opening covers
  • Removable covers
  • Ventilated covers
  • Covers “walkway”
  • Roof covers

Covers series CPT in PVC

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