Return rollers with rubber rings

These return rollers contribute to eliminating the build-up of material which particularly is present in the belt centre.

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The straight tracking of the belt may be compromised by the type of conveyed material, specially when this material is sticky and thereby adheres easily to the belt surface.
In this case, material is also deposited on the return rollers that support the belt, adding an irregular addition of scale to the roller itself.
As a consequence, not only wear and tear of the belt occurs, but forces are brought into play to move the belt away from its correct track.
Return rollers with spaced rubber rings contribute largely to eliminating the build up of scale that forms in certain conditions on the belt surface.
The rings are pointed, assembled at intervals, in the central part of the roller, where they have the scope to break up the scale which normally is present at the belt centre; meanwhile flat rings mounted in groups at the extremities of the belt, support and protect the belt edges, also in cases of limited belt wandering.
Return rollers with rings should not be used as belt tensioning devices.
The rubber rings may function in the temperature range between – 20°C + 80 °C.

Arrangement G
Return rollers with pointed rings spaced in the central part and positioned in sets at the side. Used on belt conveyors of medium capacity.

Arrangement L
Return rollers used on belt conveyors in high duty plant. They are provided with sets of fl at rings, positioned at the roller extremities, and with pointed rings spaced in the central part of the roller.

Arrangement C
Return rollers for return transom sets of “V” design format with base rolllers from series PSV, with characteristic proportional dimensions to the requirements designed into large belt conveyors.

Arrangement with special flat rubber ring type B for pulp and paper and other industries.

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