Return self-cleaning rollers with helical rubber rings

Return rollers employed to reduce the deposit of material by operating on the surface of the dirty side of the belt in order to support the belt when the material being conveyed is very viscous.

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Used on the return transom to support the belt when the material being conveyed, even if only a little sticky, is very viscous.
The helical spiral form of the non-abrasive rings, assembled onto the base roller shell, performs a cleaning action and reduces the tendency of material to deposit itself and stick to the surface of the dirty side of the belt.
They may be employed on any part of the return belt section in the case of short conveyors.
On long sections it is satisfactory to employ these rollers only up to the point where the material does not adhere any more to the belt surface.
These rollers should not be employed as snub rollers adjacent to the drive or return drums.

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