Opening of the new production plant for Unit Handling in Italy

Rulli Rulmeca opened the new production plant on the 9th of September in occasion of a national Agents meeting in order to launch officially the 2.100 square meters dedicated to the manufacturing of Unit Handling rollers.
The target of this investment is reducing remarkably the delivery time up to 5 working days, so as to become competitive also on the European market, with a strong spirit of Customer Satisfaction and Product Quality.
The production is based on the new cells concept typical of the Lean Production and on the Kaizen principle “continuous improvement”.
This production building is specialized in non-welded rollers (the welded ones are still produced in the original production department).
It is expected that this range will reach the 30% of the total turnover in the coming years for the Italian Company in order to balance some complexity of the historical Bulk Handling market, in any case in having a future strategy of expansion in South America.
The opening was composed by a speech of the President Emilio Moreschi and of the Managing Director Marco Ghisalberti, together with local authorities, followed by a technical visit of the plant facility with the support of 4 referring technical guides, among which a couple of Project Leaders who followed personally the “Iseo” project.

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