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28 Feb 2022

Increase of the e-bikes fleet.

After the success achieved with the assignment to the employees of the first fleet of electric bikes, Rulli Rulmeca has decided to increase the number by making new e-bikes available.

Following the positive experience, which began a couple of years ago with the assignment of electric bikes to the company's employees, which has been enormously successful, the company wanted to increase the "fleet" by giving the possibility to other colleagues to be able to move in a green way.

The initiative is carried out in the WHP project - Workplaces that Promote Health - in order to involve in a participatory way and with a view to social responsibility, the adoption of positive behaviors and choices for health.

The project promoted by Rulmeca is part of the awareness-raising activity on the importance of environmental sustainability, in the belief that health, environmental protection, protection of the territory and the landscape are an indispensable and necessary objective.

A path that the Rulmeca Group has been pursuing for several years and that from this year will see it engaged in the ESG certification process (Environmental, Social and Governance).

ESG criteria are used to measure the environmental, social and governance impact of companies.

This system contains a series of evaluation elements to judge the sustainability of investments, with a view to the overall evaluation of a company that goes beyond purely economic results.

Taking these aspects into account, allows you to measure the ability of companies to adhere to those standards that are now considered necessary for sustainable and ethical development.

The factors that characterize this interest in ESG parameters are different.

First of all, the awareness of the threats associated with climate change, and the need to reduce consumption in every way, both in the production and distribution choices of your company.

Reduction of waste and better management of resources.

ESG analysis can be complex. Taking into account ESG factors does not only mean evaluating the products and services provided by a company, but also its behavior, conduct, production chain and other aspects related to its management.

A path that the Rulmeca Group intends to pursue in order to enhance good environmental and social practices, spreading and creating strong motivations so that they can be followed and adopted by the greatest number of people and companies.


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