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05 Nov 2020

Optimized solution for challenging drive tasks

Rulmeca drum motors support Volta SuperDrive belts

Rulmeca introduces a new drum motor design for Volta SuperDrive belts using extra-smooth PE1000 (UHMWPE[1]) drive pulleys.

This new design solves the difficult task of driving TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) belts as quietly and smoothly as possible, as they are sensitive to high friction drive pulley materials. Drum motors using a form-fit stainless steel or PUR (polyurethane) shell present a challenge, especially in dry and chilled production environments. In such cases the belt can creak due to the high coefficient of friction (CoF) between the TPE belt and the stainless steel or PUR shell.

It can also make the belt prone to “jump”. Rulmeca’s PE1000 drive pulley for TPE belts with a drum motor is the better alternative, providing low friction contact for the TPE belt, ensuring greatly reduced noise levels and a smooth action without any belt disengagement or jumping.

Users are mainly found in the food and pharmaceutical industries, where hygienic design is of utmost importance. Drum motors suit these sectors thanks to their hermetically sealed, all-in-one, stainless-steel construction while TPE belts are essential thanks to their smooth, homogeneous, non-porous surface, which reduces the accumulation of soil and the build-up of micro-organisms. Designs based on these components can be used in a CIP (Clean in Place) environment and are compliant to HACCP and food contact materials EU Regulation 2020/45 (10/2011) and FDA, and adhere to USDA, 3‑A and EHEDG design guidelines.

“The drive design, according to Volta’s guide lines, uses a low coefficient of friction to avoid the annoying creaking and squeaking of the belts, and the noisy and abrupt disengagement which often happens in dry and chilled production environmentsThis makes them the only drum motors that can also be used in dry environments and means that there are now no restrictions to their use whatsoever,” explains Andreas Flies, Sales Manager Unit Handling at Rulmeca. Alternative drives either have particularly heavy and expensive stainless-steel designs, or full PUR coating. Both are noisier in dry operation and have an increased risk of disengagement – “belt jumping”.

The new PE1000 drive pulley design is pressed on the drum motor shell to provide a tight fit with reduced access for micro-organisms and secured against axial displacement with a fix screw. It is available for order from Rulmeca now.  


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