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02 Jul 2018

The latest generation of Rulmeca’s 24 VDC Drive Roller technology

Rulli Rulmeca introduces the new BL/3

With its steady focus on the manufacturing of components, Bergamo-based Rulmeca has been a trusted partner to the Italian packaging industry for over 40 years. The highlight of the broad range of rollers and drives on display at Rulmeca’s booth at Ipack-Ima is our latest generation of smart 24 VDC Rulmeca Drive Roller technology.

The new Drive Roller BL3 features a brushless motor installed in a 50 mm diameter roller able to drive adjacent rollers. Roller conveyors driven by Rulmeca Drive Roller technology do not need any external drive units, transmission chains or expensive guards for safe, silent and efficient operation. They enhance performance and reliability and are a smart state-of-the-art solution for a great variety of demanding industrial conveying applications while providing optimum control and handling.

The Rulmeca Drive Roller runs on 24VDC and is classified as being particularly safe. But it is also an extremely silent, compact, efficient, wear resistant and maintenance-free drive system. A unique combination. The expanded range on view at Ipack-Ima includes a series of new configurations, high speeds and torque. Rulmeca can offer an external electronic board and extension cables to make it easier to manage the Drive Roller in most applications. If needed, Rulmeca can also provide customized specifications which may address specific applications in systems or special machines.

The new Rulmeca BL3 Drive Roller can easily be retro fitted and may be used in a wide range of applications requiring:

  • Low-medium-high or fixed speeds or speeds that can be varied by the Customer
  • Constant high torque settings within the speed range
  • Frequent start/stop cycles
  • Optimized operating consumption
  • Low system noise levels
  • Line operator safety

Whatever the characteristics of the handled packages, the total configuration of the system and the environmental conditions, there is a version of the RDR Drive Roller that will meet your specific handling needs and ensure maximum operating safety and efficiency.


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