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18 Jul 2017

Process automation for structural FEM analysis in RULMECA

Process automation for structural FEM analysis in RULMECA:
A safe method for numerically checking the behavior of the rollers welding

Nova has developed for Rulmeca a process automation to carry out FEM structural checks by introducing a high level of automation of the calculation process on a significant number of components, thus drastically reducing the operators’ intervention.
RULMECA after developing a secure methodology to numerically verify the behavior of its rollers, has decided to check for a large part its own product catalogue.
The procedure developed by Nova, which proved to be very "stable", has allowed to reduce FEM modeling times, thus void the possible errors due to the user intervention. Starting from some basic archetypes and reading the values in a table, you can create FEM models, launch a sequence of calculations, manipulate the results by automatically generating a report, and then structuring the output data into tables for further investigations .
A quality mesh passage has guaranteed homogeneity of the models, allowing over a hundred analyzes to obtain comparable results.

Eng. Cincera, former head of the R & D division, said: "Nova's business went beyond its predetermined goals and opened up new design prospects that otherwise could not be investigated. Thanks to the massive simulation activity, we can provide our customers with a range of additional data to match the quality of our products. "

Eng. Roberto Papalia, Engineering Director of NOVA commenting on the delivery of the process automation project said that "we rarely had the opportunity to collaborate with our customers effectively, the results obtained are the expression of a joint development work of our Team with Rulmeca technicians. Application, dedication and a good amount of imagination have made it possible to create a procedure that automatically enables a high number of simulations in a very short time. "



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