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10 Mar 2017

Cranberry Producer Implements Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys

A Cranberry Producer in North Central Wisconsin approached Rulmeca Corporation to review an application for Motorized Pulleys. The conveyors that were having trouble were elevated conveyors that required low maintenance and high reliability. The Motorized Pulleys also needed to be wash down capable which is a perfect application for Rulmeca's 138LS with its IP69 rated sealing system.
The elevated conveyor is difficult to maintain and the risk of oil leaking with exposed drives is mitigated with our 138LS.
The drive is located over the product and an exposed drive could risk contaminating the product below.
The Rulmeca 138LS with IP69 sealing is a perfect solution to this challenge.
The reduced weight and centered mass of the 138LS Motorized Pulley helps in the cantilevered conveyor design.
The high pressure washdown capabilities of the Rulmeca 138LS with IP69 sealing is great for the sticky situation caused by the dried cranberries that are moved throughout the facility.
Rulmeca Corporation is equipped to execute this custom Motorized Pulley in full Stainless Steel with IP69 rated seals and White Lagging in Wilmington in NC.



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