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18 Apr 2016

Rulmeca Offers IP69 (food processing) Motorized Pulley shaft seal system

With IP69 rating Rulmeca offers complete assurance to food handling customers
Rulmeca has received the certification of an upgraded Ingress Protection rating IP66/69 for drum motors 80LS, 113LS, 138LS and 165LS in stainless steel. The goal of the certification procedure was to achieve official IP69 (acc. to DIN EN 60529) confirmation of the current TS8N (complete stainless steel outer material with VITON dust lip seal and PTFE deflection seal) sealing system.
To provide absolute objectivity and safety the test was conducted at the independent VDE test and certification institute. In the test setup the drum motors have been mounted on a supporting structure and sprayed from 4 fixed angles (0°, 30°,60°, 90°) with a flat nozzle, each jet duration lasting at least 30 seconds. Distance between nozzle and test item was 100-150mm at a pressure of 100 bar with a water temperature of 80°C.

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