Rulmeca Holding: partner of the Foundation of Accademia Carrara Museum

The Foundation Accademia Carrara favorably welcomes Rulmeca Holding s.p.a. as partner.
The Institution in Bergamo is enriched by an important cooperation reconfirming that the relationship between the public and private structures is a winning formula for the management of the historical artistic treasures.
Beside the Bergamo House (in the role of promoter), the co-founders shareholders (the Foundation of the Bank Credito Bergamasco); the Foundation Emilio Lombardini; SACBO  s.p.a.) and the Foundation  MIA; Innowatio s.p.a., Rulmeca is now introduced as partner, granting a financial sustain for the projects of the coming 3 years.
This is a virtuous example of how the world of a Corporate company can be an active part of the cultural life of the town and territory, in synergy with the public institutions, an operative model opening a new season for the Foundations and its outlook.



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