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10 Nov 2016

New article on World Coal written by Mike Gawinski

The Westmoreland Kemmerer Inc. coal mine in Kemmerer, Wyoming US is a 13.400 acre opencast mine complex, which currently produces coal in three active areas from 12 primary seams and splits.
It opened in 1881 as the Twin Creek underground mine to work the Adaville Formation and opened the Elkol underground mine in 1950.
The mine suppliers approximately 28 million tpy of coal to a 700 MW thermal power plant.
The mine decided to improve plant efficiency and plan for the future by upgrading a problematic drive system on the 450 ft long 54in. wide inclined #130 conveyor in 2015.
Eventually, the exposed drive system became unreliable due to chronic coupling failures (requiring weekly re-welding) and occasional pulley slippage. Slippage was most prevalent during winter weather temperature, which can approach -30° F.
In addition to improving conveyor reliability and performance, mine management had a strong desire to improve working conditions for plant personnel, while reducing the cost of maintenance as much as possible.
By December of 2015 one 180 hp model 800HD Rulmeca motorized pulley was installed in the conveyor head position.
Time-consuming drive component alignment was unnecessary because all drive components are internal and pre-aligned.
Kemmerer mine Maintenance Superintendent, Jerry Schinke, said: “The actual install of the Rulmeca motorized pulley was quick and painless. There was a noticeable drop in the noise level and I am looking forward to the heat from the pulley keeping the belt ice free”.
The motorised pulleys, in general, increase system reliability, lower maintenance expense, improve personnel safety, save space and reduce power consumption because they enclose al drive components within an oil-filled and hermetically sealed pulley shell.
See the PDF article enclosed.



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