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12 Jan 2015

Rulmeca Success Story: EGAT, Thailand

Powerful Rulmeca motorized pulley type 1000H 200kW installed on a feeding conveyor at EGAT power station in Thailand.

In 2014 EGAT power station in Thailand installed 2 Rulmeca high powered motorized pulleys type 1000H with 200kW as a dual drive system on a 462m long feeding conveyor.

Material throughput of lignite coal 1750 t / hour.

The reason for replacing the conventional drive with a Rulmeca motorized pulley was to reduce down time, maintenance- and energy cost.

One motorized pulley was installed at the head and one at the tail side of the conveyor.

Both motorized pulleys are controlled by a VFD for a proper load and speed sharing

The tail motorized pulley is operating as the master and the head pulley is operating as the follower.

Now the Rulmeca motorized pulleys have been operating for nearly one year successfully, without any problems.


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