RULMECA is today one of the leading companies within manufacturing of smaller motorized drums with export to more than 35 countries worldwide. RULMECA has today 2 factories with total 3.200 square metres with a capacity to meet any requirement and still deliver with short notice. RULMECA motorized drums are designed only for use in belt conveyors and are only delivered as a standard in nonrusty material, like aluminium or stainless steel, thus making it ideal for food industry requirement.

Motorized drum with steel gear box


All components are controlled in accordance with ISO 2859-1, and after the final assembling all motors are tested in accordance with a procedure that takes app. 20 minutes to get through.


All 3 types are standard delivered in aluminum and with IP 66 sealing, but can be delivered with anodized surface or in stainless steel.

The electric motor is an asynchronous squirrel cage type and standard delivered in isolation class F in accordance with IEC 34 (VDE 0530).

All 3 phases motors are protected with thermal switch.

Voltage standard available are 1 x 110 – 1 x 230V and 3 x 230 – 3 x 415 V at 50 or 60 Hz.


Motorized drum with plastic gear box

Gear transmission: Are always planetary type in 2-3-4 stage depending on speed, and delivered in plastic or steel or a mix of plastic/steel depending on power.

Bearings: Only precision bearings from well-known manufactures are used.

Housing units: Such as stator housings, end housings and end shafts are all in high-pressure aluminium castings and produced in our own factory.

All motors are pre lubricated with oil (SAE 68) and maintenance free for the whole lifetime.


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