Drum motors

Efficient and Cost Effective Conveyor Belt Drivers

Reduced energy consumption
Compared to many corresponding motor and gearbox systems commonly used in industry, Rulmeca drum motors are able to use less energy for the same performance, helping to reduce power consumption, benefiting the environment and reducing energy costs.

Increased efficiency
Rulmeca drum motors have a higher efficiency compared to traditional motor transmission systems, which are normally able to transfer approximately 75% of the power used to the belt. A Rulmeca drum motor is able to transfer up to 97%.

Ease of installation
Rulmeca drum motors are much faster and easier to install when compared to traditional multiple component motor transmission systems, typically requiring less than a quarter of the time for installation. With fewer parts to consider, conveyor design and assembly is easier and quicker, procurement is also simplified reducing overall costs.

Space-saving design
With motor, bearings and gearbox enclosed inside the casing, drum motors are very compact, requiring less space, increasing the aesthetic and functional value of the finished conveyor.

Designed for the toughest conditions
The Rulmeca drum motors is designed to operate perfectly even in the most aggressive environmental conditions such as, in the presence of water, dust, grit, chemicals, grease, oil and even during high pressure wash-down procedures.

Guaranteed for food
Thanks to its flat smooth surfaces, stainless steel finish and totally enclosed, hermetically sealed design, Rulmeca drum motors are easy to clean reducing contamination risk in food processing environments.

Component parts are totally enclosed within a Rulmeca drum motor. With the external shafts held captive in a conveyor frame, the only moving part is the body of the pulley running under the conveyor belt. Conveyors can be designed in such a way preventing any of the drive pulley to be visible, resulting in an extremely safe method to drive conveyor belts.

The fully sealed design ensures that internal parts are not exposed to external environmental conditions or tampering. A completely self contained unit, requiring no maintenance throughout its service lifetime.