Suspended sets

Garland suspended sets used in applications like mining for the conveying of large lump size material.

Suspended sets

  • 花环和VALMEC套件,所有托辊外壳和轴直径和轴承系列
  • 多选项挂钩,固定或快速解锁,以及标准定心套件(VALMEC)
  • 标准托辊,所有尺寸,带自锁螺母的螺栓连接


Increased activities of the bulk handling industry world wide necessitate conveying even greater quantities of bulk and large lump materials. This demand has accelerated the development of realistic solutions for belt
conveyor that couple robust strength with working flexibility, resulting in even higher belt speeds.
In particular, research into solutions for the most critical area of the conveyor, that of the loading zone, has resulted in the RULMECA development of the suspended “garland” troughing sets.
These suspended sets are quickly and simply installed, and allow maintenance to be performed on them without shutting down the plant.
For these reasons, the “garland” suspended system has been the subject of substantial research and development, resulting in their increasing use in the most diverse applications.



驱动滚筒 ATN–ATS – 从动滚筒UTN–UTS–UTI

Return sets

Sets used for sustaining the empty belt in the return section.

Upper carrying troughing set

Troughing sets used for sustaining the belt on the loaded section and the section where it is loaded with material.


Support brackets in cold pressed sheet steel.


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