New rollers series 135 and KRO with fixed head for Poly-V belts

Rulmeca is launching two 2 new rollers that will be produced in a dedicated production area in Almè, Italy with a higher service in terms of delivery time and efficiency:

Series 135 with fixed head for Poly-V belts
Fixed head driven rollers for Poly-V flexible belts
These rollers have the same features of 135 series, but with a fixed head, pressed directly on the steel tube end Ø 50x1,5 with tight interference and swaged, without the element situated in between the tube end.
The transmission with the Poly-V flexible belts is a new and performing system. The drive head is made of Polyamide black colour with 9 grooves for V-rib, pitch 2,34 mm J profile, ISO 9981 DIN 7867.
So the transmission can be completely framed inside the profile with minimum sizes, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Series KRO with fixed head for Poly-V belts
Driven tapered rollers for flexible Poly-V belts
These rollers are ideal to build curves for light and medium duty, they are obtained by assembling Polypropylene cone sleeves on the base roller Ø 50. On the protruding part of the smaller diameter there is the pinion with 9 grooves V profile pitch 2,3, 4 mm shape PJ, ISO 9981 DIN 7867, directly inserted with tight interference on the end of the tube Ø 50x1,5 and swaged, without an intermediate coupling.
The transmission can be easily cartered, thus limiting space consumption, maximizing safety and preventing damages to the Poly-V belts.

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