Danrol of Poland becomes Rulmeca Poland and serves the market with all Rulmeca Unit Handling rollers, Motorized Pulleys and components

The Company Danrol of Poland, part of the Rulmeca Group since 2013, has just changed its name into Rulmeca Poland and starts serving the market with all the range of Unit handling components.

The range of Rulmeca unit handling components comprises rollers, Motorized Pulleys and 24V DC Drive Rollers. It has been developed for demanding applications such as airport logistics, postal and parcel handling, logistics applications in manufacturing, distribution centers, food and beverage processing and warehousing.

Rulmeca‘s high quality rollers for light, medium and heavy duty internal unit handling are available in a large number of variations, surfaces and diameters, and for a vast range of applications, with various options of material type and finish, for both normal and aggressive environments.

Our range of Motorized Pulleys covers dry, wet and wash-down applications, (IP 66/67), in food processing, packaging, dynamic weighing and logistics. It is the most versatile, powerful and energy-efficient generation of conveyor drives available on the market.
All Motorized Pulleys are available in mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.
Because our Motorized Pulleys are totally enclosed, they cannot contaminate food or other sensitive materials like electrical equipment or pharmaceutical substances. Our stainless steel products can be hygienically cleaned and sanitized regularly using high-pressure water or steam. Cleaning is much quicker and easier reducing operating costs, especially in food processing applications.

The new Rulmeca 24V Drive Roller is a self contained and maintenance-free 24V DC brush less motor drive for zones conveyors. It is the most energy-efficient drive component for unit handling conveyor technology.
A system powered by Rulmeca 24V Drive Rollers does not require a central motor station. The drives are located in conveyor zones, each drive only engages when goods need to be conveyed. Rulmeca 24V Drive Rollers potentially offer significant energy savings, reduce noise emission and minimize wear.

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