Rulmeca Drive Rollers (RDR) are considered to play a key role in progressive manufacturing and distribution environments. Today’s conveyor handling systems require higher throughputs, greater flexibility, accuracy, traceability and reliability.
The Rulmeca Drive Roller products described in this document have been designed to provide optimum handling and control functions, which have been established with our customers over many years.
Depending on the features of handled items, the overall configuration of the installation, as well as environmental conditions, you can select the optimum RDR Drive Roller specification to best suit the application, to provide maximum efficiency and reliability.
Globalisation involved considerable changes in the world of handling and delivering goods, with important consequences for logistic processes.
The Internet evolution forced companies to promptly fulfill the needs for production and delivery of goods.
The world is becoming smaller, transport and communications faster, with processing and logistics having primary importance in industrial processes.
A high-level of technology, such as incorporated in the RDR range, is required to guarantee a smooth flow of products. This technology enables the RDR Drive Roller to be applied in a wide range of applications, from handling light weight fragile items to medium or heavy loads, at variable and accurate speeds. If driven by Drive Rollers, handling systems require no additional drive unit, drive chain or expensive guarding to enable the conveyor to work safely and quietly.
Besides being classified as a safe system due to a 24VDC supply, the Drive Roller represents an extremely silent, compact, efficient and durable solution.
Rulmeca Drive Rollers are highly tested components, technologically advanced, perfectly suitable for engineering automated
systems with higher performance and reliability.
The Drive Roller consists of a motor cartridge, which includes the electric motor (supplied by 24V dc low voltage), and the relative reduction gear placed in a tube, 50 mm in diameter, configured to suit application.
The variable speed motor with integral drive control is coupled to a planetary gear box with steel gears, available in 4 different ratios. To choose the Drive Roller model correctly, please consider the weight and size of the material in use and the transfer speed required.
Transmission can be passed from the RDR Drive Roller to matching idler rollers via drive bands or belts.
If required, please contact Rulmeca for further information regarding the selection of the correct configuration of RDR Drive Roller, Motion Control Board and associated products.

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