Rulmeca is pleased to present the latest BL3 Drive Roller model of the RDR (Rulmeca Drive Roller) series.
The excellent value for money makes the RDR BL3 Drive Roller the ideal choice for the most demanding of customers in terms of available speeds and torque settings.
Rulmeca has extended its range of Drive Roller products with the availability of new configurations, also when required, offering customised non-standard specifications, allowing the Customer to work with its technicians to address specific specialized applications.
The RDR BL3 Drive Roller can be easily used in a wide range of applications requiring:
• Low-medium-high or fixed speeds or speeds that can be varied by the Customer
• Constant high torque settings within the speed range
• Frequent start/stop cycles
• Optimized operating consumption
• Low system noise levels
• Line operator safety
Rulmeca Drive Rollers (RDR: Rulmeca Drive Roller) are designed to play a key part in industrial conveying applications centred on rollers, providing optimum handling and control functions.
The functions of the new Rulmeca Drive Roller described in this document have been designed to meet the flow control and management needs that we have encountered in years of work with our Customers. Whatever the characteristics of the handled packages, the total configuration of the system and the environmental conditions, a version of the RDR Drive Roller can be selected that meets your handling needs and ensures maximum operating safety and efficiency.

The technology built into the RDR Drive Roller makes it ideal for handling fragile materials of medium or large dimensions and at speeds that can also be high.
Roller conveyors moved by Drive Rollers do not need any other drive units, transmission chains or expensive guards to obtain safe, silent and efficient operation.
The Drive Roller is classified as a safe system because it runs on 24VDC. But it is also an extremely silent, compact, efficient, hardwearing and maintenance-free component.
The Rulmeca Drive Rollers are tried and tested technologically advanced components that are the result of meticulous R&D works. Their enhanced performance and reliability makes them ideal for designing automated conveying systems.
In the standard version, the motor group, the technological heart of the Drive Roller, is housed in a 50 mm O tube, the finish agreed with the Customer. The systems for transmitting motion to other rollers and the roller finish can also be configured.
In order to choose the correct reduction ratio, which defines the rotation speed and the torque available, the weight, dimensions, material and support base of the packages to be conveyed must be defined, as well as the desired transfer speed and the operating dynamics of the conveyor.
Please contact Rulmeca if you need any explanations about the correct configuration of the RDR drive roller and any of the components that can be combined with it.


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