The Rulmeca Motorized Pulley is the ideal drive unit for belt conveyors: “Fit it and forget it”.

The main features of our Motorized Pulleys, all made by Rulmeca, are:

  • Purpose-built design
  • Totally enclosed inside a steel shell
  • Safety
  • Low purchasing and installation cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Efficiency
  • Cleanliness
  • Thermal protection
  • Weight saving and distribution
  • Variable frequency converter
  • Fewer parts
  • Low noise

The Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys have a 2 years’ guarantee.

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Flame proof Motorized PulleysRulmeca has developed the first motorized pulley designed and certified with flame proof enclosure ”d”. Motorized Pulley 138LSMotorized Pulley diameter 138 mm - Length min. RL 300 mm and power between 0.10 and 1.0 kW. Motorized Pulley 165LSMotorized Pulley diameter 165 mm - Length min. RL 400 mm and power between 0.11 and 2.2 kW. Motorized Pulley 220M & 220HMotorized Pulley diameter 220 mm - Length min. RL 400 mm and power between 0.37 and 5.5 kW. Meant for re-cycling (hand sorter conveyors), bunker discharge conveyors and where a combination of slow speed and high torque is required. Motorized Pulley 320L, 320M & 320HMotorized Pulley diameter 320 mm - Length min. RL 400 mm and power between 0.75 and 11.0 kW. Meant for applications with regular operating conditions like portable conveyors and cross-belt & take-away conveyors in mobile crushing & screening. Motorized Pulley 400L, 400M & 400HMotorized Pulley diameter 400 mm - Length min. RL 550 mm and power between 2.2 and 15.0 kW. Meant for applications with regular and constant operating conditions like magnetic separators. Motorized Pulley 500L, 500M & 500HMotorized Pulley diameter 500 mm - Length min. RL 600 mm and power between 2.2 and 30.0 kW. Meant for applications where the belt requires a larger pulley diameter like grain storage, cement, steel, fertilizer and heavy mobile crushing & screening. Motorized Pulley 630M & 630HMotorized Pulley diameter 630 mm - Length min. RL 750 mm and power between 5.5 and 55.0 kW. Meant for heavy applications with tough, irregular, extreme and brutal working conditions. Motorized Pulley 800M, 800H & 800HDMotorized Pulley diameter 800 mm - Length min. RL 950 mm and power between 22.0 and 132.0 kW. Meant for heavy duty applications with toughest, irregular & most extreme and brutal working conditions. The new Motorized Pulley 1000HDHighly developed reliable and strong drive with an outstanding power range of 160 – 250 kW.