Rulli Rulmeca in show at MECSPE, Parma Italy 22nd -24th of March 2018 in Hall 5, Stand E69

MECSPE is the reference fair for the manufacturing industry and the meeting point between technologies to produce and industrial chains, thanks to the 12 salons that take place at the same time and the exhibition formulas as the thematic avenues and the working islands you can meet the best suppliers in the fields: machines and tools, surface treatments, metrology and quality control, digital factory, oleopneumatic and mechanical power transmissions, automation and robotics, logistics, subcontracting for plastics and rubber, non-ferrous materials, alloys, composites and technologies, additive production.

Moreover MECSPE represents the Italian way for the 4.0 industry.

At this fair Rulli Rulmeca displays a new system of presentation of the rollers, more modern and interactive. On display you will see the main rollers of the Unit Handling range such as:

The 111 series Rollers in technopolymer are lightweight, quiet and smooth running, capable of handling the lightest of packages. They are available in diameters 16, 20, 30, 40 and 50mm, ideally suited for the transport of light loads in food environments.

The 117 series Rollers with end-caps in technopolymer, and radial 6002-2RZ precision ball bearings have diameters 40, 50, 60, 63 and 80mm. They are very versatile having various application possibilities thanks to the special characteristics of being extremely quiet and particularly smooth running.

Made with PVC, zinc-plated steel or Aisi 304 tube, they can be ideally applied into corrosive and food environments.

The GL/GM series Rollers handling light and medium loads are completely in zinc-plated steel with pre-lubricated radial ball bearings, making them smooth running and quiet with a high load capacity for different applications. They are available in diameters 18, 24, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 76mm, with shafts from 6 to 15 mm, with load capacity from 30 to 240 Kg.

RTL/MPR/MPS/PS series Rollers: idle rollers for the handling of medium and heavy loads in internal, external, dusty, humid or normal environments.

They are equipped with radial precision bearings, with shaft diameters from 15 to 40mm and tube diameters from 38 to 194mm. The load capacity ranges between 200 and 2200 Kg.

Tapered Rollers KRF-KRO-KRM series for gravity curves and driven curves with chain loops, round belt and Poly-V, belt zinc-plated or in Technopolymers, for different applications.

Tapered Rollers KRM/S3 series are designed for driven curves transporting heavy loads, especially pallets. They are constructed completely in steel with zinc-plated shell and perfect tapered execution, ensuring regular precise pallet flow.

The 135 series Driven Rollers have the same general characteristics of the 117 series. With options of Polyamide and steel pinion sprockets, with Poly-V / round belt head and in the new version 135/VA with fixed head. Available in diameters 40, 50, 60 and 63, with zinc-plated mild steel, Aisi 304 or shock resistant PVC tubes. These rollers are ideally applied for the handling of light and medium loads in the fields of packaging, food and automation in general.

The friction driven 138 series Rollers for light and medium loads have the same features and options as the 135 series driven rollers.

Friction driven rollers being applied in applications that require the low pressure accumulation of the load. The pinions are interchangeable and easily replaced by the ones of 135 series. The two series of rollers 135 and 138, along with the 138D and 138R series, double friction and adjustable friction, allow different combinations with maximum flexibility and system modularity.

Idle rollers series 119 with Technopolymers and radial bearings 6205-2RZ and tube diameter 80-89 in zinc-plated steel. They are ideal for the pallets handling and they are perfectly combined with the driven rollers series 139.

Driven rollers series 139 similar to the 119 series but with steel pinion welded to the tube end diameter 80-89. Equipped with bearings 6205-2RZ and 6204-2RZ on the pinion side, they have perfect application in the pallets and heavy loads handling.

The pinion sprocket and crown sprocket driven rollers for chain transmission are used for the controlled handling of a wide range of loads, with regular and irregular shape, with light or heavy, sturdy or fragile unit loads.

They are available in diameters 32, 40, 50, 60, 63, 76, 89, 102, 108, 133 and 159 mm with shafts ranging from 8 to 40 mm diameter.