Please visit us LOGIMAT 2017, 14-16 March 2017 in Stuttgart

RULMECA presents innovations in the field of rollers, drum motors and RollerDrives at the LOGIMAT 2017, 14-16 March 2017

The RULMECA group of companies with headquarter in Bergamo and 19 establishments around the world has completed a new building for roller production in Italy to increase the production capacity and improve the service as well as delivery times.

It is an investment of over 3 million Euros that is part of a further engagement towards supplying a market that has increasingly challenging service levels.

The target is to provide customers with delivery times of between 6 to 8 days, in line with the general requirements of the European market.

The new production facility is organized into cells; each cell is individually specialized to work according to the basic principles of the “Lean” approach for production and according to the “Kaizen” principle of continuous improvement. 3 of the expected 5 cells have been operating since June 2016. Every cell is composed of 3 working points: a shaft machining centre, a tube machining centre and a final assembly machine.

With this investment Rulmeca is further strengthening its market position as a quality components manufacturer in the European Unit Handling field of applications.

At LOGIMAT 2017 Rulmeca also shows the DriveRoller series RDR BL-2.
Manufactured with proven and technologically advanced components, the Rulmeca DriveRoller series BL-2 is the ideal solution in the design of automated systems with higher performances and reliability.
The Rulmeca DriveRoller, with integrated motor, is able to offer quietness, efficiency and long-term use, providing significant benefits both for planning and application.
The motor integrated inside the roller is a Brushless type with tension 24V DC, directly connected to the planetary gear box with steel gears.
The drive electronics and the totally integrated handling grants safe and reliable control of the DriveRoller, without the need of external electronic cards.
The cable facility together with the possibility of simple command or of direct interface with electronic systems (PLS, BUS) make the RDR BL-2 DriveRoller the ideal solution to build compact systems and conveyors with a leading design.
The DriveRoller is freely configurable, with different tubes, treatments and motion transmission systems to other slave rollers; the only limit to the product is in the designer’s imagination.
Thanks to the performance and the configuration flexibility, the DriveRoller BL-2 can be easily applied to a wide variety of tasks, such as those defined with:  frequent start/stop operations, constant speed variable load and accurate product placement.
Thanks to the low power needed the Rulmeca DriveRoller series BL-2 is the ideal solution in the production of systems with high efficiency factors.

You will find Rulmeca at LOGIMAT 2017 at HALL 5 – STAND NO. 5D49.